Welcome to Redeemer Presbyterian

Welcome to the web site of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a young church with an ancient hope: hope in Jesus Christ, who lived the life we can never live, died to cover our sins and rose again to give new life to all who lay hold of Him by faith. This is the great central truth of the Bible, God's infallible word.

We welcome you to worship God with us. God has made us so that we can worship Him - though by our sin we forfeited the right and ability to worship Him properly. Yet, in His mercy God has opened a way for us to return to Him by the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. Worshipping God through Christ is our duty, but it is also a great blessing. We invite you to come and join us in this great purpose of man. We would gladly answer any questions about us or our understanding of the Bible. Please use this site as an introduction and a point of contact as we seek to minister Jesus Christ to a world that needs Him.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church | 704-841-9411
A Congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church